Completing your Tax Return online

Instead of dealing with reams of paper, most cantons now allow you to file your tax return online. But how does it actually work and what are the advantages of filing your tax return online? We answer the most important questions on the subject of online tax returns.


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1. What does it mean to submit the tax return online?

Filing the tax return online means completing it online using a computer program, uploading all enclosures and sending it to the tax authorities with a single mouse click. Said option is to be distinguished from those methods where the tax return is filled in using a computer, but is later printed out and sent to the tax authority by postal mail.

2. Why is it worthwhile to use the online tax return?

Submitting your tax return online has many advantages. Because a large part of the data is automatically imported thanks to the previous year's data import, it is easier to complete the tax return online. However, the stored data is not only available once a year, but can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. In addition, the online tax return eliminates the usual paper chaos. Finally, both the individual documents of the tax return and all enclosures can be submitted electronically.

3. What does one need to submit the tax return online?

If you want to submit your tax return online, you first need access to your canton's tax software. You will receive the corresponding access data (login with password) together with the tax return. Some cantons, for example the canton of Zurich, send taxpayers only the password letter to encourage them to submit their tax returns electronically.

Do you want to submit your tax return online? Then, in addition to your access data, you will also need all the documents required to complete the tax return in electronic form. While some documents (e.g. bank statements, salary statements) are already provided electronically, others must first be scanned.

4. In which cantons is an online tax return possible?

Not in all cantons is it possible to hand in the tax return online. Consult the tax website of your canton to find out whether an online tax return is possible and what documents are required.

5. Need help with your online tax return?

Filing your tax return online has many benefits, but it can also be a challenge for people who are not familiar with taxes or software. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to outsource said task. If you leave the completion of your tax return to a specialist, you can save not only money, but also a lot of time and nerves.

Do you need help with your online tax return? The specialists of taxea are happy to assist you with their comprehensive expertise.