Tax return enclosures: The 5 most important documents

The search for an overview of all the documents that need to be included in the completed tax return often ends in confusion. This is mostly because the required documentation largely depends on the tax payers personal situation. To make the search easier, we have listed the 5 most important tax return documents below for you.


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1. Salary statement

The salary statements summarizes the wage payments you have received during a tax period and is provided by your employer. Please note that if you have more than one job, you will need a separate salary statement for each one.

2. Statement of interest credits

At the end of the year, you will receive a statement of interest credits stating your assets and received interest from your bank either digitally or by postal mail. Said statement is the basis for calculating your assets and therefore needs to be included in your tax return.

3. Proof of pension payments

If you have made any payments into the pension fund or the voluntary pension pillar 3a you need to provide proof of said payments in order to claim a tax reduction.

4. Proof of educational trainings

Expenses of the tax payer for job-related educational activities and trainings may be deducted from income and are suitable to reduce the tax burden. If you have undergone a job-related training during the tax period and wish to claim a tax reduction you must therefore provide proof of your expenses.

5. Documents regarding real estate ownership

If you own real estate you are not only obliged to list the properties in the real estate property register, but you are also advised to hand in any proof of expenses made for said properties during the tax period. Relevant documents include, for example, proof of debt interest, bills for maintenance and renovation work, operating and administrative costs.

Tip: Collect receipts for expenses throughout the year so that you can claim them in full.

Do you have any questions regarding tax return enclosures? The specialists at taxea are happy to assist you with their comprehensive expertise.

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