Tax Return Winterthur

With its beautiful old town and attractions such as the Technorama, the city of Winterthur is a popular weekend destination for many Swiss citizens. But what about the tax burden in the city of Winterthur? Inform yourself now about the Winterthur tax return.


High municipal tax rate of 125 percent

The city of Winterthur is not a cheap place for taxpayers. With a municipal tax rate of 125 percent, the city of Winterthur is one of the most expensive municipalities in the canton of Zurich. Of the 162 political municipalities in the canton only four have a higher municipal tax rate than the city of Winterthur. The maximum tax rate in the canton amounts to 129 percent and is levied in the municipality of Maschwanden. Residents of the municipality of Kilchberg pay the least with a municipal tax rate of 72 percent.

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Winterthur expensive for companies

Legal entities situated in Winterthur have to dig deep into their pockets as well. With a company tax rate of 139.32 percent the city of Winterthur is relatively expensive in a cantonal comparison. Only the municipalities of Bachs, Maschwanden, Thurbental, Wila and Wildberg have even higher tax rates. At 143 percent Maschwanden also has the highest company tax rate in the canton. The most tax-efficient municipality for companies in the canton of Zurich is the municipality of Kilchberg with a tax rate of 79.56 percent.

Types of taxes in the Winterthur tax return

In addition to the income tax, individuals in Switzerland have to pay the wealth tax and, under certain circumstances, a number of other tax types as well. Companies are subject to the profit and capital tax and, if applicable, VAT.

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Tax return Winterthur

Natural persons residing in Winterthur must submit their tax return by March 31, the deadline for legal entities ends on September 30. Any extension of the deadline may be granted until November 30.

People living in Winterthur can submit their tax return online using the tax software of the canton of Zurich (ZHprivateTax). For taxpayers, submitting the tax return online has various advantages, such as the possibility of importing data from the previous year and the availability of all tax information at any time.

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