Tax deductions: Have you thought of everything?

Deductions, deductions, deductions - there are many ways to make deductions on your tax return and thus save taxes. If you know how to do this, you can massively reduce your tax burden. Use the checklist from taxea to check whether you have made all the permissible tax deductions.


Tax deductions - a topic in itself. In the jungle of permissible deductions, it is easy to lose track of everything. Calculating the taxes owed becomes almost an impossibility. We will explain the most important deductions to you. In addition, the "Tax return deductions" checklist from taxea helps you to keep track of everything

Professional expenses

Professional expenses can be deducted from taxable income. These include the travel costs incurred to get to the place of work. It does not matter whether the commute is made by public transport, car or bicycle.

You can declare the actual costs or make a flat-rate deduction. If you do not go home for lunch, you can also deduct the additional expenses for meals consumed away from home. The costs of job-related education and training are eligible to reduce the tax burden as well.

All other costs in connection with professional activity, such as expenses for professional clothing or tools, may be deducted as part of a lump sum.

Deductability of insurance and retirement payments

It is possible to claim tax deductions for payments and purchases regarding the pension fund, the private pension pillar 3a and insurance.

Payments into the voluntary pension pillar 3a not only improve your standard of living in old age, but may also reduce your tax buren up to the amount of CHF 6826 (2020) or CHF 6883 (2021).

Many employees have a pension gap. Payments to close this gap may reduce taxes. The maximum possible purchase amount is shown on the pension fund certificate.

Premiums for health, accident, life and pension insurance as well as interest on savings capital are deductable as well.

This is where you will pay the least amount of taxes!

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Preservation of assets

Costs incurred for the preservation of assets may be deducted as well. Examples include asset management costs in the form of custody account fees or bank charges, as well as maintenance costs on private real estate.

Furthermore, interest on debts, for example for a mortgage or a building loan, reduce the tax burden.

Family deductions

Having a large family can be quite expensive, but fortunately certain costs of upkeep can be deducted from your taxes. If you have children, you may make a number of other deductions. These include the child deduction, the deduction for children in education and the childcare deduction. Child support payments are deductable as well. In addition, the personal deduction, which anyone can take, and the support deduction reduce the tax burden.

Tax return deductions: What else?

In addition to the categories listed above, a number of other itemized deductions are permissible. Check what is possible with taxea's "Tax Deductions" checklist!

Do you need help? The specialists at taxea are happy to assist you with their comprehensive expertise.

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